Interracial Hair care for kids can be a daunting topic, but don’t get discouraged as with, anything in life, the best things come from time and patience. If you aren’t familiar, with you can find out what type of hair you or your child has. This really helps in picking the proper hair care products which is honestly half the battle. Good products aren’t cheap but very well worth it. These specific hair care products are made with good ingredients, which means you’ll use less and save money. Initially you might use more if your child’s hair is extremely dry or if your Transitioning from heat and chemical to natural hair.

Second moisture is key with any kind of hair, otherwise the result will be a head full of snarls and frizz. Picking a moisturizer that does not have sulfates or parabens is extremely important because not only can they have a reaction to them resulting in eczema like red patches but they are proven to dry out the hair as well. Whenever your detangling hair, make sure the hair is always wet and use a wide tooth comb rather than a brush. A good leave in conditioner is great in the winter and in areas with higher humidity.

Some people love leave in conditioner all the time. The process is really trial and error. If they are siblings, that doesn’t mean their hair will react the same with products. This is why taking the hair test for each person is important.

Now you can put it in the desired hairstyle. Some of our harmony kids really have enough hair for multiple people. Both of our girls’ heads have so much it is really difficult to hold it all in one hand. So, for us we usually do not do just one ponytail. Multiple sections of braids or twists really are easier and they stay better during the day. I can be a little OCD when it comes to hair. I like them to have nice hair ALL DAY if the style gets crazy frizzy half way thru the day, next time I do it alter it until the desired outcome.

Practice and patience is key. Also when doing hair everyday as opposed to every few days can help some of the tenderheads out there. They get used to having hey hair combed out but most of all their hair wont get as knotted to begin with. The more dense the hair and the tighter the curls are, is going to determine the best way to go about doing their hair. Have any styles you would like to see done? Please leave a message in comments or send an email.

We are currently using the Naturalicious hair care line. From the beginning steps to the end, these products are amazing for getting natural hair to behave, look and feel amazing! Do you have any products that work great for you or your child?

Summer is coming!!! That raises a whole new issue when talking about hair. Now is the biggest time to think of hair protective styles. Summer is full of swimming and sun. Which is fun and so healthy for our kids but leaves locks dry and unmanageable! Box braids, twists, corn rows are just a few options you might want to consider. Depends on the age and sensitivity of their heads. But they save a whole lot of time. We use extra-large shower caps for bath time to reduce amount of water that the style gets exposed to. Put some oil on their head or spray them with a good sheen, top with a satin bonnet or satin pillow case and done for the night. Make sure if they go swimming fully saturate hair before going into pool. This minimizes the chlorine uptake in the hair. And before leaving rise fully in the shower.

These extra little steps seem silly. But they really help prevent extra drying of the hair.

A question I get a lot is can you wash hair that is in a protective style? YES! You most certainly can. We usually wash braids in the kitchen sink mainly because we have a spray hose and it has wonderful

power! For older kids\adults in the shower is fine. To minimize friction of braids and help style last longer you can put them into a net and wash that way. Otherwise wash pretty much like normal just have to rinse longer to make sure nothing is left in the braids. If your starting braids in the summer please make sure you apply aloe or some safe sunscreen on the scalp that is exposed. 

Summer is a great time to also help with growing hair longer faster! Extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil, swear by it. Put it directly on scalp

not too much is needed it will melt all over the place. This helped our youngest hair grow like wild fire. She was born with a Mohawk both sides completely bald. Found out about the coconut oil when she was about 3 and now her hair is almost to her waist when it is pulled straight. Her hair is 3c so when it is fully natural the shrinkage is real….it is just past her shoulders.

To add hair or not to add hair…that is the question. When our oldest was young no one explained WHY add hair. Originally I was against it. She had SO much hair already why add more? Well after spending $170 on her first set of braids, and the lasting a whole 2 weeks. Have been adding hair since and didn’t go back to that place. They really should have talked to me about these issues but that was not the case. By adding hair it makes the braids more uniform in thickness and lengthIt also greatly impacts how longer the style will keep. I lean towards SMALL braids. Yes they are tedious to put in and even more time consuming when taking them out. But they LAST! When I do my girls hair they last for 3 months easy

and still look great. The only reason we take them out is because the new growth. You do not want a ton of new growth before undoing the braids. The pull can do damage to the hair and cause breakage. 

Also, when doing braids be careful as to not make them or have hem done too tight. We want a good job that will last a nice amount of time. Box braids can take up to 8 hours to do if at least 2 people are braiding and the cost is real. But having them too tight to the scalp causing redness irritation and bumps is not desirable. It can cause the hair to be damaged and potentially break off. We usually do 3 months of braids then natural for a few months then back in braids. Giving the scalp a break is nice. Will do post soon on how to do your own kids box braids and will also one on twists too.

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