OMG we are having a baby, a male perspective.

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Shock, pure life altering, tongue numbing shock is what they told me I looked like when the nurse came into the hospital room after telling me “ she’s not pregnant.” Instantly, without even registering that my wife is a few months in already, my mind began racing to accommodate the 4th in our family house hold. While still sitting in shock, the plan to make our growing family work began constructing and cementing itself into a maze of to do lists. Our oldest was laughing hysterically while my wife and mom stared at the blank look on my face, the nurse who once lied had long been gone.

Good News, and Congratulations.

Everyone around was so excited, while in my mind the 9 month countdown had begun; the planning and execution needed to meet the arrival for this baby. I remember one of the early thoughts I had, once everything finally settled down and registered, was that “having kids I thought, was supposed to be good news”. Well they lied, instead my body went into all out survival mode. This would be the 1st baby our family has seen in the last 25 years so, it was a pretty big deal.

The Level up.

Honestly those 9 months, of cravings, doctors appointments, hormone changes, and wardrobe shopping flew by. I didn’t feel the change that everyone had spoken about until I held her in my arms for the 1st time. Nothing else mattered that whole moment. She looked at me with my eyes as the nurses laid her down in my arms.

After everything settled in at home, I spent so much time getting better at my craft that it drove me insane to the point I was no longer in control and I was being driven. If not for life happening and changes sprinkled through it, I would have been comfortable where I was. But, when dreaming for my children and their children, my craft had purpose and became my life’s work. So its cool to freak out and be a little weird, the person who you were no longer exists and it’s a forced change of habit.

Follow Your Dreams.

In order for balance to exist, it takes fine tuning life to meet its challenges head on. That may come in the shape of changing jobs, venturing out and building your business, or even changing professions. My biggest issue I had was working on a timed schedule, while wanting to spend time with my family. After talking to my wife, she was on board with me starting our company and leaving the security we had for years. The straw that broke the camel’s back was: ” If I stay here at this job, I have to move at their pace and I know I’m capable of doing this”. We hunkered down for a month or two after seeing how much we need per month to survive, created a game plan and executed. It wasn’t always sunshine, there were some very scary days, but we survived and so will you.

So yes, you have a kid on the way, and I know its frightening to the core, but remember you can do this, 18-20 hour days seem like nothing when your doing what you love. Seeing your family benefit from what you spend your time on is very addicting, so use it wisely if you end up going away from that 9-5. Good Luck and God Speed.

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